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Travel to Africa
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Exploring African decorative arts over a broad stylistic and geographic range, africansouk.com showcases over 400 art objects from more than 156 ethnic groups and from many nations throughout the continent.
Exquisite African Art with a veriety of selections from throughout the continent of Africa.

African art works from exotic countries insisting on holding on to their own culture, in spite of the relentless surge of the mechanistic empire. In this section, you will find popular artifacts of archaic roots, handmade rugs from snake skin, woodcuts from ebony, masks, decorative artifacts and presents, traditional musical instruments and products of varied artistry and materials all hand made by African artists.

Beauty and Hair Care
Beauty products from lipsticks, lip-gloss, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, nail polish, powder, hair highlighter, foundation, concealer and skin care items to serve the fastest growing african beauty market.
We have a rich selection of Books based on materials by African and Pan-African authors from ancient Africa to present day America. Here you will find best sellers, books for children and adult readers, and topics from agriculture to the esoteric. We have geared this section for all readers in search of knowledge.
Authentic African clothing... A unique fashion statement from a rich and diverse culture.

Specializing in contemporary and traditional African clothing for men, women, and children, afircansouk.com provides a unique fashion statement from a rich and diverse culture. Choose from a variety of authentic African clothing for both formal and casual occasions.

Collector's Items
Find unique and one of kind items with the very high rate of appreciation.

All our products are guaranteed genuine and have a full money-back guarantee if returned within 7 days in its original form.

Event Tickets
Africanmarket.com has developed a section for great event tickets directly made available by the organizers of black events, showrooms, headliners, concerts and sporting events. Buying tickets to small but unique as well as major shows or events has never been easier.
Food & Beverage
Did you miss your homeland foods? Do you want to create your favorite international or gourmet cuisine? We have the ingredients, the breads, and the best beverages you need.
Reach a broader space of donors by utilizing Africansouk.com in making your fund raising project such as charity, donations and poverty relief a success. A minimal service fee will be charged on all funds. For more information please contact our Marketing Department.
Home & Office Supplies
This traditional and modern home and office supplies helps to decorate your desired space with an authentic African cultural team, while providing the best utility and quality service.
African jewelry has been given tremendous attention for centuries. Own a useful and beautiful part of African culture now. Many pieces of African jewelry contain cowry shells.
Kitchen & Housewares
These Kitchen and Houseware items are authentic African products. The provide the best and quality service.
We have language-learning materials for many African languages. This category includes books, courses, tapes, video, and software. We hope you will find what you need here.
Your source for traditional and contemporary music of African and African descents in Diaspora. We offer the best collections of African music.
Audio recordings of various motivational speakers
Telephone Service
African Global Market Enterprise has partnered with the leading communication companies to provide you with a long distance service specifically tailored for calls to Africa.

Why pay more? save money by using a company with the lowest International Rates to Africa.

For general information and Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Toys & Games
For yourself or your children these Afro-centric toys and games are the best gift of entertainment.
Experience the difference! Travel to Africa - experience Africa! Gain insight into African culture, religion and daily life as you visit extraordinary people, social development projects & places of cultural interest. Africa has become a very popular travel destination from its deserts and waterfalls to animal inhabited prairies. The continents cultural diversity along with its wealth of undisturbed natural beauty can be most thrilling. Strictly focusing on travel to Africa, Africansouk.comís Travel Services is here to give consumers the best fare to a growing list of African destination. With our Africa savvy staff, we can provide you with the best air fare, hotel and fully customized and exciting tour packages. Let us help you make your next African trip a safe, comfortable and most of all, least expensive one.
Videos and Films
Your source for the best Films, Videos and DVD of African and African descents in Diaspora. These selection focus on the human experience of black people in Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America and Europe. We also offer the best collection of all genres.
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